Need a career change: 6 questions to be considered

You are probably reading this because you have recently been through redundancy or maybe you’ve just survived the latest round of corporate staffing cuts and want to get some ideas before you’re next in line. Maybe you've achieved all your goals and want go to the next level, if only you knew what that might be. Or it could be that you are just fed up, and wonder how you ever ended up in your current job.

"looking for a career change"

Well if you're wondering where to go next and you don't want your next step to be a step back I would like to talk to you about the possibilities building an online

business has and what this means to you.

I have six questions you are probably asking youtself about your current situation and building an online business.

1. What is it about my current career that isn’t working?

Working long hours. Lack of freedom, No time to see my family and no time to work on my interests and hobbies.

2. What does this new career offer that my current career doesn’t?

It can potentially offer Financial and personal freedom as well as finding fulfilment in being your own boss.

3. What does this new career ignite in my soul?

The opportunity to build a scaleable home online business that could enable you to earn 4, 5 or even 6 figures

4. What skills or resources will I need to take advantage of this opportunity?

You will not require technical skills. There is a large and detailed training library in the members area. This features training on internet marketing skills and strategies that are currently working in the real world.

5. Who do I know who is already in this career and can give me an honest “insider’s” perspective?

The SFM has a community full of people with different skill sets and experience. There are many people within the community who are making a good living
online. They can provide support and answers to your questions. There are Mastermind groups held monthly. You should be able to find one local to you.

6. How long will it take to make a comfortable living in this new career?

It can take between 6 months to 12 months depending on the work you put in. After that it is scalable.

As you probably know yourself making a decision on a new career can't be taken likely. A new career in online business could potentially open a whole new world of opportunities for you. Make the right decision today.

How to change careers

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